Hundreds of Romanian anti-fracking protesters break down the fences around a Chevron exploration site. Some 250 people gathered near the village of Pungesti chanting “Chevron go home. Following the incident, the US company later announced it was suspending activities in the area. 

If you don’t know what oil fracking is, please do a little research. It’s causing earthquakes in several places, including the U.S. in areas where there were little to no earthquakes before. 

state planners in america and europe wish to use fracking to ameliorate the european dependence on russian oil and natural gas. they want to repeat the model that allowed america to cut down heavily on oil imports from venezuela and africa at the cost of ruining the environment. for the most part, citizens of western european countries have more democratically responsive institutions, so fracking can’t be done there. instead, oil companies have turned to eastern europe, in places like romania and ukraine, where people are poorer and will accept environmental degradation if it leads to jobs, and where governments are even more corporate friendly. if people power can stop this expansion, european governments will likely switch to more renewables instead to reduce their dependence on russia. it’s imperative that they win.

Sex Predator Warning - Toronto Area


Hey guys just wanna heads up a lot of people cuz I know a lot of mutuals and people who follow me live in Toronto as well, but there’s been a guy around the downtown Toronto/University of Toronto Campus area who’s been sexually assaulting women. He’s exposed himself to…


The Hanged Man- October Edition

I’m tired of people being complicit and getting away with everything.